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mgr Hasan Faisal

mgr Hasan Faisal

absolwent studiów magisterskich na kierunku „Stosowane studia strategiczne” University of Exeter (2017), doktorant w Szkole Doktorskiej Nauk Społecznych Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego (od 2020 r.)



2020 - ongoing, Jagiellonian University, PhD Studies in Political science, dissertation subject: Space Democratization and its Implications for Global Security Environment.

2016 - 2017, University of Exeter,United Kingdom, MA in Applied Security Strategy, topic of the thesis: Civilian Casualties (CivCas): The Reason for Failing Counterinsurgency (COIN) Strategies in Afghanistan.

2013 - 2015, National Defence University Islamabad,Pakistan, MSc in War Studies, topic of the thesis: Cyber Warfare and its Implications for Pakistan Air Force.

1993 - 1996, University of Peshawar, BSc in Aviation Sciences.

Professional Experience

Joined Pakistan Air Force in 1993 as a Fighter Pilot.

Held numerous command and staff appointments which included command of a fighter Squadron and a Wing.

Over 4000 Flying hours and experience of flying MFI-17, Super Mushak, Karakorum-8, T-37, FT-5, F-7 Mirage-III and Mirage-V aircraft.

A Qualified Flying Instructor and Combat Commander.

Served as instructor in elite flying institutions which includes Pakistan Air Force Academy, Combat Commanders School (CCS) and Pakistan Air Force Air Power Centre of Excellence (PAF ACE).

The passion for "Strategic Analysis" coupled with academic qualifications and work experience of 27 years in Pakistan Air Force as a fighter pilot enabled to conduct deep analyses of the way security dilemma, hegemonic designs and Geo-Strategic / Geo-Economic rivalries shape the global security environment.

The contemporary strategic environment, especially in South Asia (Indo-Pak scenario) provided enough opportunities to learn, analyze and validate strategic assessments as a practitioner.

By virtue of Command appointments, gained valuable experience through teaching and supervising the officer cadre of Pakistan Air Force in the development of skills related to critical thinking.

Courses, Trainings, Workshops

Information Warfare Officer Course, Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC), Kingston, Canada Combat Commanders Course

Combat Commanders’ Course

G-Loc Centrifuge Course, Eskisehir, Turkey

Flying Instructors Course

Senior Command & Staff Course

Junior Command & Staff Course

Basic Staff Course

Mirage Operational Conversion Course

F-7 Operational Conversion Course

Fighter Conversion Course

Basic Flying Training Course

Primary Flying Training Course

Human Resource Management Course

Time Management Course

Career Management : Planning Tomorrow's Organization

Physiological Indoctrination Course

Scholarships, Awards, Distinctions

Winner of Royal Air Force Chief of the Air Staff "Henderson Fellowship" in 2016.

Overall 3rd position with Distinction in class of MSc in War Studies degree from National Defence University, Pakistan

Merit Award in MA in Security and Strategy from University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Research Interests

Security and Strategy

Space Operations

Space Studies

Space Democratization

Spacepower Theory

Space Warfare

Space Security

Space Policy

Strategic Theory / Military Philosophy

Modern Air Warfare and Air Strategy

Civilian Casualties (CivCas) in Wars

Defence Economics


Published paper in International Journal: Civilian Casualties (CivCas): The Reason for Failing Strategies in Afghanistan, 21st February 2020.

Master’s Thesis: Civilian Casualties (CivCas): The Reason for Failing Counterinsurgency (COIN) Strategies in Afghanistan, University of Exeter.

Master’s Thesis: Cyber Warfare and its Implications for Pakistan Air Force, National Defence University.

Article published in Air Force internal journal: “Defence Economic Strategy” (An Analysis of Pakistan’s Defence Economy).

Article published in Air Force internal journal: “What Can be Done to Improve Project Management and Defence Procurement?” (An Assessment and Comparison of Indian and French Defence Procurements and Military Projects).

Article published in Air Force internal journal: “From Invasion to Surge” (An Analysis of evolving US Strategies in Iraq).

Article published in Air Force internal journal: “Crimean Crisis and the Future of NATO Alliance”.